Tip of the month for April

Yeah!!!      April is  Oral Health month.

Why, you may ask, does one’s mouth earn an entire month of recognition? ‘After all, losing a few teeth or all of them for that matter isn’t life threatening’ you may very correctly surmise. Your heart  (February is Heart and Stroke month), brain (Sept is Alzheimer’s )or cancer (also April ) or diabetes, (November) are life giving organs and life threatening diseases. They are brought to the forefront to make us more aware of how our lifestyle choices affect these life giving organs and systems. But our teeth? not so much….WRONG!!

Oral Health is far more than teeth alone. Oral health is indeed hugely significant. If ignored, one’s mouth can become life threatening.The mouth is a window to the rest of your vital organs.

Bacteria, and there are hundreds and perhaps thousands of varieties in your mouth alone, can cause illness and disease. Inflammation caused by neglect leads to bleeding gums, bone loss, decay and abscesses.  The bacteria floats through the blood stream, potentially causing havoc to your heart and lungs. They weaken an already compromised body struggling with diabetes and studies have been linking oral inflammation with Alzheimers.

Therefore, during Oral Health month, please use this time to assess  your attitude toward your mouth. Make alterations where necessary in your home oral care routine to improve your odds of a healthier body. Eat foods that will support this. Keep the recommended Professional Dental Hygiene appointment schedule,  it really is in your best interest. If you don’t trust the intentions of your oral care provider, find one you can trust.

So again, Yeah for Oral Health month!!!


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