• procedure in which the oral condition is investigated and charted. Findings are discussed with you the client. An agreed upon treatment plan of action is established.

Periodontal Assessment

  • using a measuring instrument, the depth between the gum and underlying bone is determined. Results and significance are explained and discussed.


  • removal of disease-causing debris such as plaque and calculus (tartar) from teeth


  • stain removal using all-natural pastes.


  • using essential oils, liquids or gels, teeth that are  sensitve to cold or touch can be treated for relief


  • seals potential ‘cavity-waiting-to-happen’ pits and fissures on the chewing (top) surface of permanent molars. Only the highest bio-compatible product is used.


  • a natural cavity anti-microbial varnish is applied to help remineralize teeth under acid attack. Only used on high risk of decay clients.

Microscopic Plaque Analysis

  • Using a small sample of plaque, a microscope and monitor, you’ll have the important opportunity to see ‘into’ your health. Bacterial activity and types can help determine your health status.

Oral Hygiene Instruction

  • We teach and coach you on how to keep or regain a healthy mouth using an individualized plan of home ‘tools’, techniques and education. We offer take home natural pastes, rinses and essential oils. We discuss dietary food and drink choices that may need to be encouraged or altered. This information is critical and will benefit your entire body.


  • Natural powders, and liquids available for in-home brush-on treatment.
  • In-office, one and half hour instant. (not a natural product, but due to thicker gel viscosity, tissue protection and very careful placement technique, there is minimal chance of tissue absorption).

Custom Sport Mouth Guards

  • protect the athlete from concussion,
  • protects teeth from breakage and/or  nerve death

Denture Cleaning

  • an ultrasonic soak for removing debris from full or partial dentures


  • Biological Dentists
  • General Dentists
  • Dental Specialists
  • General Health Providers