Frequently Asked Questions

Why have you chosen to open your own Dental Hygiene Practice?

This allows me the privilege of serving those who:

  •   are searching for an alternative or holistic approach to their dental health  treatment.
  • for their own reasons have avoided Dental Professionals all together,  (putting their general health at risk)
  • can’t get to a Dental Professional due to various limiting factors
  • have long awaited a choice on who and where they access Registered Dental Hygiene services
  • need to watch their dental expenditures very closely
  • recognize that Registered Dental Hygienists are Professionals in their own right
  • are excited about this new way of accessing Dental Hygiene services.

Many people now recognize that the services  a Dentist offers, and those in which a Registered Dental Hygienist offers, do not necessarily need to be done under one roof.

Do you accept dental insurance and programs?


Dental Insurance

genesis dental hygiene care gladly accepts all forms of Dental Insurance, including ODSP.

However, even though it would benefit them to do so, a few dental insurance providers have sadly not yet recognized the fee guide of Independent Dental Hygienists. This is unfortunate as it limits an employees’ right to  choose a Registered Dental Hygienist in a non-traditional Dental Office setting. If this is the case for you, and it’s your responsibility to know, please demand changes to the ‘fine print’ at contract or negotiation time. No-one should have restraints as to where they seek Dental Hygiene services.

For more information, please visit our page on Dental Insurance and Programs.



-genesis dental hygiene care is a proud supporter of the new Healthy Smiles Ontario program. Under the qualifications of the program, you must be registered into the Healthy Smiles Program by the Simcoe-Muskoka District Health Unit (1-877-721-7520, ext. 8818)  prior to scheduling a Dental Hygiene  appointment.

What is Bill 171?

It is for all the different needs of the people (mentioned above) of Ontario, that the Provincial Government in the Fall of 2007 made changes to the legislation. The Government of Ontario finally recognized that the Ontario public as in other parts of Canada, should have available to them easier access and the freedom to choose Dental Hygiene service providers.

Can you provide all the same clinical services that a Dental Hygienist who works in a Dentist’s office offers?

Radiographs ( x-rays)

Regardless of where a Registered Dental Hygienist practices, she/he is not permitted to diagnose from or prescribe ( the need to take) xrays. Therefore only a Dentist at this point, can tell you if there are any concerns from a dental x-ray. For these reasons, we are not equipped to take x-rays.


We offer a very effective topical (but below the gum line) anesthetic in use by Registered Dental Hygienists. Clients have found this to be a very comfortable alternative. Local anesthetic in Ontario, only Dentists are able, within their scope of practice, to administer local anesthetic ( freezing).

What are some of the differences about your office from most Dentist’s offices?

Natural Products:  only natural pastes and rinses are used.

Sealants: only the highest bio-compatible product is used.

Fluoride: Not used. We discuss natural alternatives to preventing decay.

Education: Clients given the big picture as to effects of standard dental materials and procedures. This equips our clients to make informed decisions on a broader spectrum.

Microscopic Plaque Analysis: Using a small sample of plaque, a microscope and monitor, you will see the bacterial activity in your mouth. This is very significant.

Noise: We offer a far quieter environment with no disturbing drill sounds and smells.

Location details: A small one on one experience in a lovely and peaceful country/beach area setting.