Tip of the month for December

The month of December brings mixed feelings for many.  Nervousness over the imminent arrival of  shorter daylight hours,  lots of snow and a usually too long winter,  but at the same time really enjoying the beauty of sparkling snow in the trees and on frozen lakes, the crisp air, and of course, the most important Birthday of all ( no not mine)

December is usually heavy on the socializing,  keeping your teeth and gums well cleansed will make those party conversations pleasant for everyone. Floss daily, rinse with an alcohol-free, anti-microbial mouthrinse, and of course brush 2x per day. Your body, and everyone else you speak with will be most appreciative.

This month, take care of yourself. Keep your spiritual and physical health needs at the forefront. Sleep, eat well (not lots, well), hydrate  ( with water) . Be gracious. Give more to those who have less.

May  Peace  and good health be in abundance for you.




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